Episode 146: Strengthening your financial posture for 2023 with Andy Wang.

In this episode, I speak with Andy Wang (Financial Advisor and Podcaster) about getting your finances in order to ensure a prosperous 2023. As leaders one of the areas that we are challenged with is finances. Andy shares with us his story of how he got into the financial world and how he continues a […]

Episode 144: How to find your voice in leadership with Sylvie Lui.

In this podcast episode, I speak with Sylvie Lui (Executive Voice, Accent & Communications Coach) about how you can find, harness, and use your voice as a leader to help your career, people, and organization. Sylvie shares a little bit about her.  She tells us about what got her into the voice arena, and what […]

Episode 143: How to design your way to success with Charlene Brown.

In this podcast episode, I speak to Charlene Brown (Owner, Bklyn Custom Designs) about how you can design your way to success through your website. Charlene shares the purpose of a website and the greatest mistakes she sees in websites when people reach out for her services. She explains why design is important to our […]

Episode 141: How to develop a positive mindset with Juliet Bellagambi.

In this podcast episode, I speak with Juliet Bellagambi (Positivity Mindset and Empowerment Coach) about leadership and a positive mindset. Juliet shares her background and how she got started on her positive mindset journey. She speaks about some of the reasons why we struggle with having a positive mindset and when positivity became a thing […]