Episode 152: Navigating the pivot with Dr. Clarence M. Lee, Jr.

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Clarence M. Lee, Jr. (President & CEO at Exhort Health) about pivoting and how you can navigate a safe journey. Clarence shares his multifaceted background and how he went from college basketball to a flight surgeon and medical doctor. He has seen many pivots in his life and […]

Episode 151: Self-development for Broken Men with Craig Siegel.

In this first episode of 2023 and season 4, I speak with Craig Landon Siegel (Founder of Cultivate Lasting Symphony) about broken men and what they can do to get repaired.  Craig shares a little of his background and the mission of CLS and what it stands for. He speaks about the role mindset has […]

Episode 150: The Leadership Source Code with Dov Baron.

In this final 2022 season 3 episode, I have the honor to speak with Dov Baron about the leadership source code. Baron shares a bit of his history and how he got into the emotional source code and the five levels of consciousness. We discuss areas where leaders are missing the mark and how they […]

Episode 149: Using your artistic leadership with Joya Cousin.

In this, season three final episode, I speak with Joya Cousin (Owner of Joya Cousin Fine Art) about using your artistic leadership. Joya gives us her background from being a CEO of a telecommunications company to finding the joy of art. She describes the parallels between art and leadership and how leaders can find their […]

Episode 148: How to prevent burnout in 2023 with Dr. Diana Londoño.

In this podcast episode, I speak with Dr. Diana Londoño (Founder of Physiciancoachsupport.com) about burnout and what you can do about it in 2023. Diana tells us a little about her background and her focus on physicians and the medical industry. She defines burnout and the different indicators for you to know if you may […]

Episode 147: A clear vision for the new year with Coach M J Tolan.

In this podcast episode, we speak with Coach M J Tolan (Entrepreneur, Coach, Best-Selling Author, and Speaker) about the power of Vision and setting one for 2023. MJ gives us a little history of his 30-year international entrepreneurial journey, and his coming back to America. He shares what he believes vision is, why it’s important, […]